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Take your place in our mobile applications with high impression volume and reach your potential users faster.

Our app statistics

Our applications have a wide user base in the field of sports. We have 100% relevant traffic as we don`t implement questionable plans to increase user count or influence scores. Thus, all our projects have high search volume and ad impressions.


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-In-app advertising

-Full screen splash advertising

Impressions per month


*Average. It depends on the theme and contents of your banner.


What is the price for ad placement?
The price is $ 5 per 1,000 impressions. The minimum order is $500.
How do I pay for advertising
To advertise, you can send an e-mail ' (info[at] or fill out the form. Our managers will review this andcontact you.
What are the requirements for promotional content?
You must provide
  • An image (320px x 50px or 320px x 100px) in jpg, png or gif format;
  • Link with UTM tag for conversion tracking
Attention! We don`t advertise based on news sources: The app`s news feed is created by the app`s editor-in-chief based on user interest. Our editors have the right to refuse ad placement without giving any reason.
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